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Born in Arizona. Spent 35 years farming in the Sacramento Valley in Northern California.  In 2006 retired from farming and moved to Spokane, Washington where he took a job working as a civilian for the USAF.  In 2016 he retired a second time and moved back to Arizona where he was born.  He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona where he is a juried, award winning artist.  He enjoys creating fine art from logs and boards. He became interested in "basket" art in early 2020 and started DG Wood turning.


Most of his time is now spent making vessels and platters using that technique. The indigenous people in America have created some of the most beautiful baskets, vessels, and pottery from items that were available to them. "Basket " art is an attempt to pay homage to these wonderful people by using wood and ink to recreate what they made from grass, bark, pine needles, twigs, reeds and other things found in their local area. Even with the machinery and tools we have access to today, it is often still difficult to reproduce what they did with their hands. Native American people, their culture, history, art and their struggles are the things that move my heart and influence my art. 

About Dean Grissom


Dean in his shop

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